You've Never Seen a Studio Like This!

To say Ashton Photography is "just a portrait studio" would be an under statement. Our photographers capture more than just a photo, we capture personality portraits. Once you step foot into Ashton's studio you can't help but become part of it. It's like our studio is transformed into a Hollywood back-lot, filming a movie starring YOU as the main actor, and with our photographers as the director, this portrait is sure to be a blockbuster hit to whomever you share it with. Here are a few things we do to keep that smile on your face even after the camera is put away.

It's all about Me!                                                                                        

Some people might look at you funny if you told them that. But at Ashton Photography it IS all about you. Believe it or not, we made it that way on purpose. Having families ourselves, we understand the stress that is sometimes associated with getting everything together for that perfect portrait. But not at Ashton! Our studio was designed with your sanity in mind!

It's My time!

We will never double book your session. You won't have anyone waiting for your session to finish, and you won't have to wait for yours to start. This rule eliminates that rushed feeling and concern about getting that perfect portrait.

We genuinely love our job!