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We have used Ashton Studios for many different occasions over the past 5 years. They handled our Engagement Photos, our Wedding photos, and also did the newborn photos when our first child was born. All their photographers were both caring & patient. They really took the time to find out what was important to us, and tried to capture those memories in as many shots as possible. We have really enjoyed getting to know the “Ashton” family, and have had many occasions to share our daily life experiences with both Karen & Jim. They really do take extended care of all of their customers; and truly do treat them like family. Our family looks forward to including them in our lives for many years to come. Thank you to the Ashton family for all you have done for mine!!

Francesca Smith

When I scheduled my first photo session for my two girls, I was looking for a unique experience that would capture the true personalities of each of them. I wanted them to be able to be themselves, while capturing those moments on film. Your creative session allowed them to do just that. It was a very friendly, non-threatening environment, which allowed them to play as though they were at home. Those genuine, unposed moments are those that we treasure the most. Kids grow up fast, and memories fade. Thanks to you, I’ll have those memories forever in photos. Your staff has always been wonderful and professional. The photos are beautiful, and on many occasions I’ve have found it difficult to choose my favorites. Ashton Photography is truly a wonderful studio, and that’s why I’ve been taking my girls there for 7 years. Thank you all so much, and I look forward to bringing my girls back for future sessions.

Katrina Hull

Ashton photography studio is a must try. There are so many unique and beautiful sets to choose from. “Mr. stinky feet” joked with Matt and Carly the whole time and made the experience for the kids so fun…they can’t wait for there next visit. A lot of places can take a good picture; but this was the first time someone actually captured the personality behind our kids smiles. It makes the beautiful portrait they created so much more meaningful to our family. They helped us artistically decide what was right for us without any presure. They even offer a mini session package that is a unique and reasonable gift idea for that special teacher or grandparent to treasure forever. Thank you Ashton for capturing our memories so beautifully.

Jenn Costello

As we were walking through the Oviedo Mall, we saw something rather strange. A photo studio. In a mall. What kind of a photo studio would locate in a mall. Curiosity got the best of us and we decided to investigate. That was 2003; eight years ago. Little did we know our decision to try something different for our family Christmas pictures that year would turn into walls and albums full of memories. You two have watched our three boys grow up into young men and even welcomed our first grandchild. A family photo experience at Ashton’s are something we look forward to with much anticipation. And it truly is an amazing experience.

Doug & Barbara Wagner

A portrait captures forever in time a moment, a look, and a memory. Ashton Photography is a place where capturing that memory becomes memorable. Not only do you walk away with a portrait but you never forget the experience you share as you smile for the camera. My daughters, in high school and college, still laugh and remember the fun they had during the photo session. Having it captured on film allows us to relive it over and over again!

Jeff Dixon, Pastor

I wanted to take some holiday photos with my kids but I didn’t want to deal with the lines of people at Target and if you have read my other reviews then you know how I feel about Wal-Mart so we won’t discuss that here 🙂 I found out about this awesome place thanks to Groupon. They had an amazing deal so I checked out their website, bought the groupon and kept moving forward. We had our appointment yesterday and it was great!! I complain A LOT about the lack of customer service in today’s retail and service industries and I have to say; the best customer service ever. yes. ever. My kids felt comfortable, relaxed, and more like they were having fun than taking photos. The sets and backgrounds are unique and different. They also have a variety of packages so any budget can afford awesome pictures. I love that they are a small business and not a crazy franchise that offers the same ol’ same ol’ with no personal interaction. I was so impressed by them that I actually recommended them to my son’s daycare and of course they get the coveted 5 Stars. This was a great experience and I LOVE the pictures.. say what??.. Yep.. I got them already!!!

Leigh N.

Ashton Photography is an AMAZING family business. They have been taking pictures of our daughter since she was born. James always gets great shots and reactions out of our daughter. He knows how to work with children. The studio is a comfortable place and everyone there is friendly and personable.

Scott Devine

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